Business Telephone Systems

Hosted VoIP

An IP PBX phone system – also known as a VoIP PBX or virtual PBX – consists of VoIP phones and an IP-based PBX. The phones are registered with the IP PBX server, which establishes, maintains, and releases all inbound and outbound connections. IP-compatible phones include software-based softphones and hardware such as desk phones and conference phones.

Rite Way partners with GoTo Connect to provide enterprise-grade hosted VoIP and unified communications to clients across Chandler, Mesa, and Phoenix. A unified communications platform eliminates the need for separate solutions and offers cost savings for the communications services that many businesses rely upon – including instant messaging, auto attendants, voicemail, mobility and more. For organizations seeking to simplify communications processes and free up their IT resources, a hosted VoIP service is an ideal fit.

Hybrid Phone Systems

When you need the modularity and feature set of the cloud but want to retain onsite maintenance of phone system components, a hybrid PBX solution can be the perfect fit. Hybrid phone systems are often well suited to companies that are making a phased migration to a fully cloud-based phone service.


  • Panasonic certified dealer, Authorized Reseller Partner
  • Avaya, NEC, Polycom, Cisco, and Yealink
  • Servicing legacy systems including Nortel and Inter-Tel

Which phone system is right for your business? Rite Way Communications’ telephony experts have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the best fit for your organization.